Wireframe is an output framework for ProcessWire CMS/CMF.

Wireframe is an output framework for the ProcessWire content management system. With MVC inspired architecture it promotes separation of concerns and aims to resolve scalability issues. Wireframe is a solid foundation for building all types and sizes of ProcessWire websites.

MVC inspired architecture

Wireframe is inspired by the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture and promotes separation of concerns.

Flexible and scalable

Wireframe was designed to work well with all types and sizes of sites and apps. Wireframe scales with your needs.

Easy to get started with

Wireframe is basically plug and play, requiring just a few steps to get started with. Read more about setting wireframe up!

Ready to learn more about wireframe?

Working with Wireframe is not rocket surgery. If you're interested in a smarter way of developing sites with ProcessWire, start by checking out the About page, or jump right to the Getting started page for easy to follow instructions on setting up your very first Wireframe powered project.

Learn more about Wireframe

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