Partials contain common markup, widgets, and any other content shared by multiple layouts and/or views.

Partials are typically small files containing similar content as your views and layouts, the only difference being that partials are intended to be reusable: whereas a view is always tied to single template, multiple views (and layouts) can easily reuse the same partial, possibly multiple times each.

Example partial

Here's an example of a partial file (/site/templates/partials/menu/breadcrumbs.php):

<?php namespace ProcessWire; ?>
<nav aria-label="<?= $aria_label ?: 'Breadcrumbs' ?>" class="breadcrumbs">
    <ul class="breadcrumbs__list">
        <?php foreach ($page->parents as $item): ?>
            <li class="breadcrumbs__list-item">
                <a class="breadcrumbs__item" href="<?= $item->url ?>">
                    <?= $item->title ?>
        <?php endforeach; ?>
        <li class="breadcrumbs__list-item">
            <span class="breadcrumbs__item breadcrumbs__item--active" tabindex="0" aria-label="Current page: <?= $page->title ?>">
                <?= $page->title ?>

(Note: if you're wondering about the aria-label part, we'll get to that real soon!)

Embedding partials

A partial can be embedded into a view file using include or require:

include 'partials/menu/breadcrumbs.php';

Note that the /site/templates/ directory is automatically added to PHP's include path, so you can refer to partials with a relative path, such as in the example above. In addition Wireframe provides an alternative, object-oriented way to refer to partials:

include $partials->menu->breadcrumbs;

Embedding partials... with arguments!

Added in Wireframe 0.10.0.

Now, using a slight variation of the object-oriented embedding method ($partials variable), you can inject a set of context variables — or arguments — into a partial:

<?= $partials->menu->breadcrumbs([
    'aria_label' => 'Not your typical breadcrumbs!',
]) ?>

... and now this part will use the custom aria label we passed to the partial, instead of outputting the default value of "Breadcrumbs":

<nav aria-label="<?= $aria_label ?: 'Breadcrumbs' ?>" class="breadcrumbs">

Although partials now have the ability to take in a set of arguments, they are still (intentionally) pretty limited when it comes to more complex data processing. For more complicated needs, you should probably look into components instead.

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