Git ignore (.gitignore) file

The Wireframe boilerplate site profile includes an opinionated .gitignore file based on Bare Minimum Git project.

The .gitignore file included with the Wireframe boilerplate site profile is based on the general-purpose web project .gitignore file provided by the Bare Minimum Git project. When you start developing a site with the Wireframe boilerplate site profile, you should always make sure that this file suits your workflow – and modify it as necessary.


Default .gitignore file serves two primary purposes: it keeps clutter out of your version control system, and – more importantly – it helps avoid slipping secrets into the VCS. Storing sensitive data (passwords, keys, etc.) in a VCS is considered a bad practice, and should be avoided.

Important considerations

Important considerations regarding the .gitignore file:

Installing modules without Composer

Since the /site/modules/ directory is by default included in the .gitignore file ignore rules, files added beneath it won't show up if you add them and type git status in the site directory. This is by design, since the Wireframe boilerplate expects modules to be installed with Composer. That being said, installing modules without Composer and adding them to your version control system is still easy:

Another way, obviously, would be to comment out or remove the line in the .gitignore file affecting the modules directory. If you really want to add all your module files and directories to Git, this is a perfectly fine thing to do. And finally, you can also manually add individual module folders into the "whitelisted files" section of your .gitignore file.

Whitelisted files

At the end of the .gitignore file you'll find a section for whitelisted files. If your site requires some one-off deviations from the base rules, the easy (and safe) way out would be including more rules here instead of removing earlier ignore rules.

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