View placeholders

View placeholders are the way you inject content from view files – or dynamic content constructed in a Controller – into layout files.

View placeholders are probably easiest to understand as placeholders or "slots" you can define in your layout file, and then "fill" by defining a value for them from within controller classes or view files. By default there's one placeholder, $placeholders->default, which will contain the rendered output of current page using whatever view file is selected (by default that would be "default.php").

If you need to pass markup from a Controller class to a specific location in a layout, you can do so by defining a new placeholder – which is actually as simple as adding an echo statement into the layout file (<?= $placeholders->placeholder_name ?>) and then filling your newly created placeholder with data in the Controller class:


namespace Wireframe\Controller;

class HomeController extends \Wireframe\Controller {

    public function render() {
        $this->view->placeholders->placeholder_name = "<p>Content for the layout.</p>";


Alternatively you can create a view file with a name matching the placeholder name, i.e. /site/templates/views/home/placeholder_name.php, and Wireframe will automatically populate the placeholder by rendering the page using that view file:

<?php namespace ProcessWire;
echo "<p>Content for the layout.</p>";

Overriding default content with placeholder value

Since placeholders are "created" just by echoing out whatever content they might hold, you can get creative with them: for an example if you have a shared header that you use for most of your pages, you could add the markup for the shared version directly to the layout, but before outputting it check if $placeholders->header contains a value – and if it does, output that instead:

    <?php if ($placeholders->header): ?>
        <?= $placeholders->header ?>
    <?php else: ?>
        <p>Hello world, I'm the default header!</p>
    <?php endif; ?>

Now you just need a header.php view file for any page that should get a custom header.

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