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  • Static utility methods
    Wireframe provides static utility methods for cases where instantiating an object might be inconvenient, or where they can notably speed up the development workflow. On this page we list included methods, their parameters and return values, and explain ho
  • Docs
  • Configuration settings
    You can modify the behaviour and paths used by Wireframe through ProcessWire's site config settings placed in /site/config.php.
  • Patterns and practices
    Wireframe is intentionally rather simple, so you'll likely run into situations where you're going to need to extend it in some manner. In this section we provide some examples on how you might tackle some common needs with Wireframe.
  • Wireframe boilerplate
    Wireframe boilerplate is a ProcessWire starter site profile based on the Wireframe output framework.
  • ProcessWire Composer Installer
    ProcessWire Composer Installer provides Composer custom installers for ProcessWire CMS/CMF modules and site profiles. While not strictly required by Wireframe, it is an easy way to get started with either Wireframe or the Wireframe Boilerplate site profil
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